BC360A batching controller is suitable for the application of multiple ingredients batching in one weighing container. Due to its compact size and flexible batchweighing function, it is particularly suitable for feed ingredients, chemical compounding, commercial concrete and road asphalt production processes.


  • Compact Panel Mount structure, save installation space
  • New generation of embedded high speed processor, strong on anti-interference
  • Optimized digital filter and quick following technology
  • Two-speed feeding
  • Supports up to four ingredients batching and discharge
  • Supports automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode
  • Support batch and cumulative function
  • Store 10 groups of formula with non-volatile.
  • 4xDI / 12x DO, support redefinition
  • Auto zero tracking available
  • Power-up zero available
  • Isolated RS232/RS485
  • Standard MODBUS RTU protocol




Enclosure Panel Mount. Front plate: SS304, IP65. Case: Anodized Aluminum
Run Mode 2-speed, 1~4 ingredients batching
Signal Range -20mV~+20mV Increments 1,2,5 x 10(n=-3 ~1)
Max. Sensitivity 0.5uV/d Max. Resolution 1/50,000
FS Drift 3ppm/°C Linearity 0.003%FS
AD Refresh Rate 200Hz Cells Load Four (4) 350 ohm load cells
Display 6-digit 0.4’ segment LED, 6-digit 0.28’segment LED, 10-bit LED light bar
Keypad 4 Flat switch membrane with tactile-feel keys; polyester overlay
Discrete I/O 4 Inputs; 12 Outputs(24VDC @500mA with over-load protection)
USART COM1: RS232 / RS485
Serial Protocol MODBUS-RTU, Command output, Print, Continuous Output
Accessory Profibus DP(Module): SY-PB-MD-36
Power Supply 18~30VDC, 160mA
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +40°C,Relative humidity:10%~90%,non-condensing