IND 320 Terminal

Mettler Toledo

IND 320 is a silica terminal for batching & blending applications. It has bright OLED display with IP65 protection it is flat switch membrane make it quite user friendly the digital discrete / Input & output make it ideal for direct connectivity with machines as PLC.

Specifications – IND 320 Terminal
Display 128*32 dot-matrix OLED display
Enclosure Type Panel – Mount, 304L stainless steel front;aluminium frame, Type 4x & type 12
Protection comparable to IP65
Key Characteristics 4 flat switch membrane with tactile-feet keys 1.2mm polyester (PET) overlay
Accuracy CE&UL

Features & Benefits

Display – 128*32 dot-matrix OLED display
Measurement Accuracy
TraxDSP dynamic digital filtering
Batching up to 4 components
Cal Free technology available TM
Multi protocols support
–MT continues, command, MODBUS


Mettler Toledo

Suitable for batching applications

  • 3 batching recipes 1 to 4 Materials.
  • Print out of Recipe.


LP-USP3-IND320-India-1010x300Serial Interface: 1 RS-232/RS-485.

Protocol: Mettler Toledo Continuous, Command output, Modbus RTU Digital Discrete Inputs/Outputs 1 input and 4 outputs on mainboard.

3 inputs and 8 outputs on extended DIO interface board.

Measurement Accuracy

IND 320 is embedded with Trax DSP, unique digital filtering technology which increases the measurement accuracy by filtering the unwanted signals generated from the field.